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The PEAR Installer

To get started with PHP_Depend you must install the latest version on your system. PHP_Depend should be installed using the PEAR Installer. The installer is part of all PEAR and provides a distribution system for PHP packages. It shipped with every release of PHP since version 4.3.0.

To install PHP_Depend you need to register its PEAR channel that is used to distribute PHP_Depend:

~ $ pear channel-discover Adding Channel "" succeeded Discovery of channel "" succeeded

Now that the PHP_Depend's PEAR channel is known to your PEAR environment you can install the PHP_Depend package from its channel:

~ $ pear install pdepend/PHP_Depend-beta downloading PHP_Depend-0.10.0RC1.tgz ... Starting to download PHP_Depend-0.10.0RC1.tgz (164,193 bytes) ....................................done: 164,193 bytes install ok: channel://

After the installation you can find the PHP_Depend source files inside your local PEAR directory.

~ $ ls `pear config-get php_dir`/PHP Depend Depend.php


Phar Archive

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