PHP Depend - Software Metrics for PHP


With Composer

The newest distribution channel that you can use to retrieve PHP_Depend is composer. Just add the following lines to your composer.json file:

    "require": {

        "pdepend/pdepend" : "@stable"

Then install Composer in your project (or download the composer.phar directly):

~ $ curl -s | php

And finally let Composer install the project dependencies:

~ $ php composer.phar install

From the GitHub repository

If you like to participate on the social coding platform GitHub, you can use PHP_Depend's GitHub mirror to fork and contribute to the project.

~ $ git clone git://

The PHAR archive

Beside the GitHub releases and the developer checkout from GitHub, you can always grep the latest version of PHP_Depend from this website as a simple, single PHAR archive.

~ $ wget
~ $ chmod +x pdepend.phar

That's it. Now you have a running version of PHP_Depend, that can be called on the command-line:

~ $ ./pdepend.phar --summary-xml=/tmp/sum.xml /path/to/code



PHP Depend itself is considered stable at its current state and relies on the following software components: