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CE - Efferent Coupling

The Efferent Coupling or CE counts the number of software artifacts a software entity depends on. Therefore it takes all artifacts the entity depends on and builds a unique set for these dependencies. This means that if there are N dependencies from A to B and M dependencies from A to C, the Efferent Coupling of A is 2. Because we like and force reuse of existing code a high value for this metric isn't that bad at a first glance. But what does a high Efferent Coupling value mean beside code reuse? It means that a component depends on several other implementation details and this makes the component itself instable, because an incompatible change between two versions or a switch to a different library will/may break the component. Therefore it is good practice to keep the Efferent Coupling for all artifacts at a minimum.

A good example for such an everything breaking change is normally the switch from one database abstraction to another. In most applications there are so many dependencies between the concrete application code and different packages in the library code, that a switch from product A to product B will break several parts in the application. Therefore it is best practice to monitor the Efferent Coupling and to refactor all those artifacts where the value is extremely high. A good solution to high Efferent Coupling is the introduction of additional abstraction. For the given example this would mean, that you add an additional package which abstracts the concrete product vendor and then you derive concrete implementations from this abstract package.

A detailed description of the CE metric, it's impact on the stability of a software system and the introduction of more abstraction can be found in Uncle Bob's whitepaper "OO Design Quality Metrics - An Analysis of Dependencies" [1] .


It is really hard to give a threshold for the Efferent Coupling metric and the only answer can be It depends. Normally you should try to keep the Efferent Coupling at a minimum, and the more abstract and low level a component is, the less the value should be.

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Object Mentor; OO Design Quality Metrics - An Analysis of Dependencies; Robert C. Martin; 1994
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